Notes Around The League

Ready or not, here it comes. Training camp is here. You can just taste the fresh sweat, hear the pads hitting, and feel the rookies’ nervousness. Here’s a few things that have happened already:


– I guess a few weeks is all Derrick Mason needs to talk himself out of retirement. So just forget everything we said before. We’re not 100% sure if this is fact or not, considering it’s coming from Playstation messsage boards, but one of the factors for him coming back was that he plans on donating over $100,000 to Steve McNair’s charity during the season. If it’s true, that’s just awesome.

– Thankfully, Brett Favre is staying retired. Every Viking fan considers jumping off a bridge rather than watching their team be lead by Tavaris or Sage.

– Michael Vick follows the trend of throwing catch with high school players. As long as he’s not throwing catch with Steelers’ wide receivers, we’ll be happy. Don’t worry, we’ll discuss our opinions on Vick and the Steelers later on.

– Every Steeler fan wants Limas to break out of his shell. Last year he made everything look at difficult as possible. But the Post-Gazette has confidence that he’s a changed man. God, we hope so.

– The Trib brings up the salary issues for players in their final year of their contract this season. On that list: Ryan Clark, Casey Hampton, Justin Hartwig, Brett Keisel, Willie Parker, Jeff Reed, and Willie Colon. We’d rather procrastinate on thinking about that for awhile.


Somehow Norm pulled some strings and got access to the Bill’s training camp. We aren’t promising anything, but he might try to get some inside scoops, but we aren’t counting on anything juicy. Cause really, who cares about the Bills anyway?