R.I.P. Chuck Daly

I’m sure you’ve already heard, but Chuck Daly died at the age of 78 from pancreatic cancer. We know this has nothing to do with the Steelers, or even football in itself, but it hits close to home for us. Chuck was born in Kane and actually started his coaching career in our hometown. Norm was lucky enough to actually shake his hand when Chuck came back to his first coaching alma mater to see some of his old friends. At the time, Norm was pretty young so it never really occured to him just how awesome it was to be shaking the hand and talking to a Hall of Fame coach that had 2 NBA Champtionships and a gold medal from the ’92 Olympics. For being as popular in sports as he was, he never acted like it; he was a man of class and dignity. Chuck, you will be missed.