Some Offseason News

Here are a few news stories going on around the league to reassure you that yes, the offseason is boring. Enjoy.


Big Ben is fine after he faked people out by pretending he had an injury. Actually I think it was a bee that stung him so he jumped around and asked Tomlin to kiss it for him. He might be in a cast for a few weeks.


Brian Westbrook is having ankle surgery but should be ready for the regular season. This guy loves his injuries. He missed a whole year in college from a knee problem, missed half of 2005 with a foot injury, and last year he had a rib and ankle injury. He’s creeping up there in age (29), so we’ll have to see how he bounces back after this one, especially with our Pitt boy LeSean McCoy as his backup.


– ESPN’s AFC North blogger tells every one what they already know: the Steelers offesensive line blows. We bet he did some real in depth research for that.


Brett Favre says he’s retired. We sure as hell hope so. He needs to be shot in the dick.


– Everything else is pretty much nothing. Other than a few signings, people going and not going to practice, and something about Peyton, it’s still the offseason which means it’s boring as balls.


Hell, we aren’t even paying much attention to the NFL. Who would with the Pens tied in the Stanley Cup? Go cheer them on.


Go Pens

Go Stees