Steelers 21 Panthers 10: Here we come

Finally, the regular football season is days away. Unfortunately, there is one more preseason game in the way that is even more boring than the other ones. This is the final preseason game, so you rarely get to see any starters on the field, so it’s more like watching a JV game.


It’s the time for the stars to get their rest and the backups to prove they deserve a spot on the roster. Some of the guys made it impossible for the coaches to let them go (Logan) and some did what they could, but it just wasn’t enough (Redman). The game really wasn’t anything great so it will be more of a wrap-up of the entire preseason rather than just the final game. We know the preseason doesn’t mean that much, but it does let us see how our depth looks. Find out our end of the preseason grades after the jump.



Ending Preseason Grades


Stefan Logan – B+

This kid has shown he can fly. He’s been this preseason’s Devin Hester where you never know if he’ll just break one loose. I mean, he’s obviously not on that level and won’t be during the regular season, but he’s letting everyone know that he has the potential.


Isaac Redman – B

His numbers looked good: 37 attempts, 145 yards, 3 TDs. But it just wasn’t enough. Despite what others may think, we really wanted him to do well on this team and make an impact. He was an extremely hard runner and difficult to bring down. Watching his 10 yard TD run it looked as though he would grab a final spot, but it wasn’t. Good luck to him in the future.


Keyaron Fox – A

Fox has been a difference maker in these preseason games. He’s been a great pass rusher who’s always penetrating the defense. His vision and speed will be nice to have bringing off the bench.


Rashard Mendenhall – C+

He’s been pretty inconsistent this preseason which isn’t something we wanted to see. There was never a time when it looked like he made it look easy or could just take over. We hope it was just the offseason rust and will pick it up during the season.


Potential 3rd receivers: Sweed, Wallace, McDonald – B-

All of them played pretty well, but none of them really stood head and shoulder above the rest to cement their spot as number 3. Sweed will probably get the majority of time in that spot, but his hands are still a problem. They are getting better, but you still find yourself cheering when he makes a catch that he should make regularly.


Offensive Line – C-

It’s not good when they’re already looking crappy in the preseason. God, we hope they improve somehow.


Player we’re waiting to stop sucking: Tony Hills

Seriously, when will he? His time is running out quick to stay on this team. He looks slow, sloppy, and anything else you can think of bad for an offensive lineman.


Player we can’t wait to comeback: Daniel Sepulveda

His leg will be a huge upgrade from last year’s bunch. Opposing offenses will be pinned deeper in their zone a lot more this year.


Preseason MVP: Issac Redman

Mostly because we feel bad he didn’t make the team. He was the Steelers leading rusher in the preseason but we know that means jack. He was exciting to watch while he was here.


Final preseason words:

Bring it, Titans.


Who do you think made the biggest impact this preseason? Let us know in the comments.