The Past 10 Years of Steelers Draft Picks: 2001

The draft class of 2001 was definitely not disappointing. It was full of winners: Michael Vick, Koren Robinson, Fred Smoot, Travis Henry; you just didn’t know what kind you’d get. But then again, there were many amazing players that came out of that draft: LaDainian (Norm hates him though), Steve Hutchinson, Reggie Wayne, Drew Brees; there were tons of great players that are Hall of Fame bound. Here’s what the Steelers picked up.



1st Round, 19th pick: Casey Hampton, NT, Texas


The rest of the rounds are after the jump.


2nd Round, 39th pick: Kendrell Bell, ILB, Georgia

4th Round, 111th pick: Mathias Nkwenti, T, Temple

5th Round, 146th pick: Chukky Okobi, C, Purdue

6th Round, 181st pick: Rodney Bailey, DE, Ohio State

6th Round, 182nd pick: Roger Knight, LB, Wisconsin

7th Round, 218th pick: Chris Taylor, Texas A&M


Notable Busts: Other than the ones stated above, 8th pick David Terrell, 11th pick Dan Morgan

Notable Late Round Gems: Round 3, pick 74, Steve Smith; Round 4, pick 121, Correll Buckhalter; Round 7(!), pick 204, T.J. Houshmandzadeh


So we got the Big Boy to stuff up the middle and with his amazing physique, I think he’s been doing a pretty good job since 2001. Other than causing a few stirs this year by coming in overweight to training camp, he hasn’t been a problem with the team. He’s been a huge factor in the run defense and preventing running backs from getting to the second level. Plus he’s only 31 so he’s still got a few more years in him too.


And the other guys? Well they helped out a little. Kendrell Bell started off amazing for the Steelers and getting 9 sacks in his rookie year. He never got a taste of championship since he went to the Chiefs in the 2005 season. That had to suck. Mathias really had no playing time at all. Chukky’s highlight of his career was in 2002 when he started 5 games. Rodney’s bounced around the league and has only started one game in his career. Roger Knight and Chris Taylor just suck. With so much talent in this class, the only thing they really came out with was Casey and Kendrell (for a few years). A little disappointing.


Grade: C+


What do you think? I’m sure you don’t agree with us so let us know in the comments.