The Past 10 Years of Steelers Draft Picks: 2003

The Stees didn’t pick up too many players in the 2003 draft. With only 5 picks, they tried to make the best of what they had. Since you can see their first pick below, we’d say they didn’t waste their first pick. What about the other 4? Well, check out the rest of the article yourself becausewe’re not spoiling it in the first paragraph.




1st Round, 16th pick: Troy Polamalu, DB, USC


Check out the rest of the picks.

2nd Round, 59th pick: Alonzo Jackson, LB, Florida State

4th Round, 125th pick: Ike Taylor, CB, Lousiana-Lafayette

5th Round, 163rd pick: Brian St. Pierre, QB, Boston College

7th Round, 242nd pick: J.T. Wall, Georgia


Notable Busts: 2nd pick Charles Rogers, 7th pick Byron Leftwich

Notable Late Round Gems: Round 4, pick 120, Asante Samuel; Round 3, pick 69, Jason Witten

Best names of the draft: Siddeeq Shabazz, Taco Wallace, Waine Bacon


Wedon’t really think we have to explain how Troy turned out. Our defense could have a completely different look without having him in the secondary. He’s sets the tone on the field without even saying a word. Oh, and he makes plays like this…

The Steelers only had 4 other picks that year and none of them were really that significant other than Ike Taylor. Norm hates Ike Taylor because of the stupid stuff he does, always trying to get in beefs with every player he lines up across, and having stone hands, but for some reason Bam always has that little sweet spot for him. Though we do agree he’s been another key to the Steel Curtain’s success. Alonzo was a huge bust. St. Pierre was the last string QB for the Steelers for a little while. His career stats: 1 pass attempt, 0 completions, 4 rushing attempts for -3 yards. What a specimen. Oh, and we found J.T. Wall at a nearby Sheetz. I’ll take two great players out of five, especially when they’re still the cornerstones of our defense after 2 Super Bowls.


Grade: B-


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