And It Only Gets Worse

Charlie Batch is out 6 weeks with a wrist injury. [ESPN] That hurts. Ben got bumped on the head on Sunday and Baltimore is up next on the schedule. They’re going to take their shots at Ben, and if he goes down, Dennis Dixon is the only backup. While I love Dixon as the backup […]

What a Performance. STEELERS LOSE.

Really, the Steelers outplayed the Chiefs. The game should never have been close. Giving up the opening kickoff was unacceptable. Studebaker’s interception was unacceptable. The 4th quarter defense from the first few weeks of the season showed up, and that was unacceptable. That game was less the Chiefs beating the Steelers and more the Steelers […]


Total Net Yards: Pittsburgh 515 Kansas City 282     How hard do you have to try to lose this game?   Just a disaster, an epic disaster.

Who are the Kansas City Chiefs?

Who exactly are the Steelers going up against on Sunday when they trave to Arrowhead Stadium? Just what can we expect to see from the Kansas City Chiefs? Well, the simple answer is: I have no idea. And I’m guessing you don’t either. Let’s see what they have to offer by position (per their website, […]

Grading the Steelers offense against Cincinnati

No sense doing a real markup of this performance. The Cincinnati defense was better than the Steelers offense in every aspect of the game.  Seven of the Steelers’ 11 drives only lasted one series, including their only two possessions in the 4th quarter. Roethlisberger probably played his worst game of the season. Even though he […]

No One To Blame. Steelers Lose.

Last time the Steelers played the Bengals, we all know the Steelers should have won. But an uncharacteristic late game collapse by the defense led to a Cincinnati win. You know the defense didn’t want to re-live that. And they didn’t give up a touchdown all game. Unfortunately, they let the Bengals move up and […]

Grading the Steelers offense against Denver

Until the middle of the third quarter, the Steelers offense put up a total of minus-7 points and it looked like it could have been a Monday night disaster. Instead, they woke up in the second half and put up 21 points on the board to continue an explosive streak of scoring. The Steelers have […]

Mile High Massacre: Steelers Win

This was the kind of game you love to watch as a Steeler fan, especially in the second half. After a close affair in the first, the Steelers eventually took control and dominated the second. It looked like what it was: a mature and experienced team taking over and beating a team that hasn’t been […]

Steelers vs Broncos Preview

Hello, Blitzburgh readers. Last week during the Bye, Blitzburgh made a move and signed a new writer to complement Bam and Norm. That writer is me. My name is Brian. You don’t care about me though, so let’s talk Steeler football. Tonight the Steelers play the upstart Broncos in Denver. Here are a few things […]

Week Eight Power Rankings

The BlogPoll NFL Power Rankings are out after this past week’s action   Here’s how we voted for our top ten:   1. New Orleans2. Indianapolis3. Minnesota4. Denver5. Philadelphia6. New England7. Cincinnati8. Pittsburgh9. Baltimore10. Houston    

Five Steelers having breakout seasons

It’s a bye week for the Steelers but we’re still here. At 5-2, the Steelers are close to the midpoint of the season. We’ve seen enough football now to know how has showed up for the season and who hasn’t. Seven games isn’t a huge sample size, but it’s enough to make some snap judgments. […]

Quick thoughts: Steelers 27 Vikings 17

The Steelers needed a pair of 4th quarter TDs by the defense — both over 75 yards to hand the Vikings their first loss of the season. All season long it felt like the Steelers were playing down to the level of their opponent. This week, they elevated their game above and beyond that of […]

Jeff Reed is who we thought he was

It pains me to waste virtual ink on another stupid Jeff Reed story, but I suppose I ought to. Reed was cited again last night for public drunkeness and some other junk. Matt Spaeth got caught up in the whole think too. Like BTSC, this is probably the nail in Reed’s coffin with the Steelers. […]

Quick thoughts: Steelers 27 Browns 14

Yeah, there were some big mistakes by the Steelers today: a kick return coverage unit that let Josh Cribbs return one for a TD and then pooched the ball and gave Cleveland great field position the rest of the way; Willie Parker’s disastrous return; and an offense that struggled on third down. But all that […]

Defensive grades: Lions continue roller coaster

The strange season for the Steelers defense continued with another up and down performance against the lowly Lions on Sunday. The defense kept backup QB Daunte Culpepper in check most of the game, but faltered again down the stretch. A dominant series to end the game was nice to see, but it was hard not […]