Steelers beat Ravens in classic

  Literally shaking as I type this. What an unbelievable game that was. One of the best NFL games I’ve seen in a long time. So much to talk about…Polamalu’s strip sack, Redman’s miracle catch and run, and the disgusting headshot on Heath Miller that was not flagged.  Recap and all that coming later. Just […]

Blitzburgh Pick’em: Week 13

This week the Pittsburgh Steelers (8-3) travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens (8-3) in a match-up that will put the winner on top of the AFC North. Both teams are coming off close wins, and have a chance to take control in the divisional race and the AFC Playoff picture. The Ravens won […]

Statistical Scouting Report: Baltimore Ravens

his is a series scouting the Steelers’ opponents using all the advanced statistics from Football Outsiders and Advanced NFL Stats I can find. Read and enjoy! Overall Team Stats Football Outsiders Advanced NFL Stats DVOA Rk Weighted DVOA Rk Off Rk Def Rk ST Rk GWP Rk Off EPA Rk Def EPA Rk 19.7% 7 […]

Here’s what James Harrison should do

On the Baltimore Ravens first offensive possession, Harrison should not blitz at all. Instead, he can wait for Joe Flacco to throw an incomplete pass, run over to him, rip his helmet off and punch him in the face 4 or 5 times. In the eyes of the NFL, this is the equivalent to hitting […]

Are the officials targeting the Steelers?

I’ve written hundreds of posts about the Steelers over the years and I usually have a pretty good system down. I’ll get an idea for a post and start writing it in my head a few hours before I actually sit down at the computer. I know that sounds weird, but if you’ve ever written […]


Here’s an example of parity in the NFL. It really does exist. Despite being the league doormat this season, the Bills have either won or gone to overtime in their last five games. It’s a team that’s very close to being good. If it weren’t for Stevie Johnson’s drop in overtime, they’d have an extra […]

Five Questions with Buffalowins

I exchanged emails this week with Joe from Bloguin’s excellent Bills blog Buffalowins. My answers are posted over on his blog. Jump it to hear what he has to say about Ryan Fitzpatrick, Steelers fans, and the PSU/Buffalo connection. BB: In the few Bills games I’ve seen this year, Ryan Fitzpatrick has played some pretty […]

Blitzburgh Pick ’em: Week 12

This week the Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3) travel to Ralph Wilson Stadium to play the Buffalo Bills (2-8) in what looks to be a very uneven match-up. The Bills are coming off a huge come from behind win against Cincinnati last week. While the Steelers simply embarrassed the visiting Raiders last week…even with 163 penalty yards […]

What is a Replacement Kicker?

(Note: Apologies for the weird update schedule lately. There have been problems with emails getting to and from each of our writers and we’ve lost an article or two, including this past week’s pick’em standings. On top of that, Bam is taking a well-deserved vacation of sorts so we’re down one administrator. We should have […]

Officials Wear Silver and Black. STEELERS WIN.

Normally you don’t have such a bad taste in your mouth after a 35-3 win. If you know anything about me, it’s that I do my best to give referees the benefit of the doubt when it comes to questionable calls. But there was no question about the officiating today. The Steelers were not supposed […]

Jeff Reed Released, Shaun Suisham signed

Today Steeler Nation bids farewell to their second-leading scorer in franchise history, trailing only Gary Anderson. We all have opinions about Jeffrey Montgomery Reed, most of them negative, but he still deserves recognition for what he has done with this franchise. Reed had been known as “Mr. Dependable” at time during his career, making a […]

Tom Brady and the Patriots embarrass the Steelers

  Tom Brady and Bill Belichick simply own the Steelers. It doesn’t matter who the supporting cast is around the duo. It doesn’t matter if they were easily beaten by the Cleveland Browns last week. It doesn’t matter if it is 2002 or 2010.  The faces change, but the game plan doesn’t. Brady got rid […]

Blitzburgh Pick’em: Week 10

This week the New England Patriots (6-2) come to town to face the Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2) in a game that is sure to have playoff implications, as well as putting the winner in great position to contend for home-field advantage throughout. Continue reading to see what our writers have to think bout his game and […]

5 questions with Foxboro Blog

We exchanged some questions this week with Ricky over at Foxboro Blog. Our answers to their questions are posted over there. Jump it to hear Ricky’s thoughts on the Pats gameplan for Sunday night, James Harrison and much more.        BB: What do you think the Pats offensive gameplan will be against Pittsburgh? […]