Blitzburgh Podcast Episode 1: Midseason awards and Thursday games

We’ve talked for a long time about doing a podcast and a couple of days ago we decided to just dive in. Here’s the first edition of the Blitzburgh Podcast. We’re still tinkering with audio quality and some of the technical stuff, but at least know we’ve got the ball rolling. A list of the […]

Bengals fans hate Troy Polamalu. A lot.

This screengrab is two or three weeks old, but it comes from Chad Ochocinco’s Facebook page. I have no problem at all with Ocho and think he’s hilarious. He’a apparently a fan of Troy Polamalu too. He recently asked fans of his Facebook page to “like” Troy’s page as well. Their Bungled response is below.

You May Now Sigh In Relief. STEELERS WIN

Well that was a close one. That game should have been over in the first quarter, but the late-game defense maddens us all. Some of us have a lot of exams to study for. The rest of you, read after the jump. FIRST QUARTER Jason Worilds recovers a fumble on the opening kickoff. Awesome. “Heath” […]

Blitzburgh Pick’em: Week 9

This week the Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2) will be visiting the Cincinnati Bengals (2-5) for a Monday Night Game. The Steelers are coming off a tough loss to the Saints last week, while the Bengals lost to the Dolphins last week. Steelers will try to get back on track while the Bengals need a win to […]

Statistical Preview: Cincinnati Bengals

This is the first of a weekly series looking at the Steelers’ opposition using all the advanced statistics from Football Outsiders and Advanced NFL Stats I can find. Read and enjoy! Overall Team Stats Football Outsiders Advanced NFL Stats DVOA Rk Weighted DVOA Rk Off Rk Def Rk ST Rk GWP Rk Off EPA Rk […]

4th quarter defense still a problem for Steelers

There were a lot of reasons why the Steelers lost a winnable game against New Orleans. We’ve already talked about it enough and we’re over it. But one part of Sunday night’s game is part of a disturbing trend that started last season – defensive lapses late in the game. The Steelers made a habit […]

Saints Go Marching In. STEELERS LOSE

Well, let’s be honest here. That game was well-officiated. The play-calling was acceptable if you ask me (execution is another story). The Saints played very well. There really just isn’t much to complain about after that. The Steelers are 5-2; still among the top of the AFC (and NFL since the NFC is pathetic this […]

Steelers fall to Saints in frustrating loss

This is the the kinda game that just leaves you pissed off for a couple of days. The Steelers offense was lifeless for most of the game, but woke up in the second half only to have the defense falter late. Turnovers, penalties, blown coverages. You name it, the Steelers did it in a 20-10 […]

Mike Tomlin has his own rap song

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Pittsburgh MC Wiz Khalifa’s new song “Black & Yellow” which has become a sort of anthem for the Steelers and the city of Pittsburgh. The song has gotten so popular that other hip-hop artists are going in on the beat themselves. Wale’s rendition is probably the best […]

Blitzburgh Pick’em: Week 8

This week the Pittsburgh Steelers (5-1) will be visiting the New Orleans Saints (4-3) on Halloween night. Big Ben and Co. are coming in off a very lucky win last week in Miami, while the Saints lost an embarrassing game at home … to Cleveland. Jump it to check out our writer’s opinions for the […]

Week 7 DVOA Standings and Analysis

&q Each week, I’ll reprint portions of the DVOA standings from Football Outsiders (this week’s link: here) and give analysis of the teams relevant to the Steelers’ fortunes As a reminder, DVOA is Football Outsiders’ efficiency stat, representing each team’s value compared to the average team. The Steelers have been near the top of the […]

Put On Your Tin Foil Hats. STEELERS WIN

23-22 is an ugly score. But it’s still a win. That Miami team is better than their record, and the Steelers had some lucky breaks. Wouldn’t have been surprising to see the Dolphins with a minor upset, but our boys got out of South Beach with an all-important W. As usual, whenever the Steelers win, […]

Sloppy Steelers escape Miami with a 23-22 win

Ohhhh boy. This one is definitely going to generate a lot of chatter this week from a lot of people. The Steelers did not play a good football game this week. Ben Roethlisberger was careless with the football, fumbling three times including a head scratching play at the end of the game that nearly handed […]

Blitzburgh Pick’Em: Week 7

This week the Steelers (4-1) visit the Miami Dolphins (3-2). Jump it to for our staff picks for the Steelers game (good news for Pittsburgh fans) and for all the other games as well.   Bam: I think the Steelers are in for a close contest this week. Miami’s defense is tough and it could […]

5 questions with Phins Phocus

We haven’t watched more than a couple minutes of the Miami Dolphins this year so we were fortunate enough to exchange a few questions with Cody from Phins Phocus. Our answers to Cody’s questions are up as well over at Phins Phocus.. We touched on the Dolphins’ best players, headshots, the Wildcat, and much more, […]