Peyton Manning outsmarts Steelers in return, Broncos win 31-19

  It took him most of the first half to get going, but once Peyton Manning got his bearings, he was way too much for a banged up Steelers defense to handle. Manning dominated the 2nd half, leading the Broncos on long scoring drives in all 3 of their posessions. Manning finished 19-26 for 253 […]

21 bold predictions for the 2012 Pittsburgh Steelers

Every year, I try and throw together some “bold” predictions before the season starts. These are usually random, sometimes funny and – if I’m lucky – even a little bit accurate. Here are 20 from 2011, 89 from 2010 and 21 from 2009. Below are 21 for the 2012 season. Enjoy. 1. Jonathan Dwyer starts […]

A week-by-week prediction of the Steelers 2012 season

Predictions are a fruitless exercise. You are almost never right and when you are nobody seems to notice. Yet, every year, we do them anyway. Here’s my week-by-week forecast for the 2012 Pittsburgh Steelers. Feel free to pick it apart in the comments. Week 1Pittsburgh at Denver – W Week 2NY Jets at Pittsburgh – […]

Where Are They Now? Depth Charting the Steelers 2011 Departures

Here’s a quick look at the status of the handful of former Steelers who departed from Pittsburgh this offseason.   WR Arnaz Battle – The former special teams captain is currently a free agent and wasn’t in an NFL training camp this summer. QB Dennis Dixon – Dixon was signed to the Baltimore Ravens practice […]

Steelers Cut a Bunch of Nobodies, 53-Man Roster Set

This is basically the formality of ending the preseason. All those guys whose names and numbers you didn’t bother learning got cut. The list: DB Damon Cromartie-Smith – Practice squad fodder; may get signed if a couple DBs get hurtDB Terrence Frederick – No idea who this guy isDB Josh Victorian – Had some interception […]

Steelers win, only by technicality of the final score

The final score of this game was 38-7 in favor of the Steelers. But the Steelers aren’t winners right now. Their projected starting right guard and first round draft pick, David DeCastro, was carted off the field with a knee injury in the first quarter. The Steelers may be forced to go into 2012 without […]

John Clay waived, Chris Rainey knocked out

-B- The Steelers have waived former Wisconsin star RB John Clay. Clay (like any large RB) drew comparisons to Jerome Bettis when the Steelers signed him as an undrafted rookie free agent. He is free to sign with any team. -B- I started doing some research for my fantasy football drafts this week and it […]

Video: “Black and Yellow” makes an appearance on Madden 13 commercial

The awesome Wiz Khalifa jam that will forever be linked to the 2010 Pittsburgh Steelers was recently featured in a Madden 13 commercial. A rather annoying Steelers fan takes on Ravens LB Ray Lewis in the game and uses the song as a way to taunt him.  Here’s the commercial: Update: Apparently the annoying […]

Video: Steelers Training Camp Does “Call Me Maybe”

Seemingly everybody is putting their spin on Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe,” including the Pittsburgh Steelers. The team’s YouTube channel published the black n’ gold version earlier today. OKsNJb_62TM[/youtube]   Players featured include Ben Roethlisberger, Brett Keisel, Ike Taylor LaMarr Woodley, Shaun Suisham, Ryan Clark, James Harrison and more. Ike is definitely the […]

Steelers’ D plays takeaway against Colts in 26-24 win

The most dangerous thing about preseason games is taking them too seriously. Even first teams rarely line up with their true starting 11, coaches are toying with everything and veteran players really don’t care that much.  All that said, seeing the Steelers come up with 3 interceptions, including one returned by Ike Taylor 49 yards […]

50% of This Deadspin Article is Offensively Incorrect

Take this article with a grain of salt; it is obviously meant to ruffle feathers. It’s a series on why every team sucks, so whatever. That isn’t the problem with this article. The problem is the woefully inaccurate picture it paints of modern-day Pittsburgh. LET’S BREAK THIS SH*T DOWN, EH? (jump; strong language inside) One […]

The Essentials: The Pittsburgh Steelers

This post has nothing to do with Ike Taylor and Antonio Brown punching each other because who cares. Pirates baseball has distracted us from training camp and honestly there isn’t anything current worth talking about besides backup fullbacks. This month, Yahoo” Sports’ hockey blog, Puck Daddy, is running a feature called “The Essentials” in which […]

David Johnson Tore his ACL

Knees don’t bend sideways. The Steelers’ starting fullback is going to miss the 2012 season with a torn ACL in his right knee. Not much you can take out of a preseason game, other than this is something you don’t want. Mike Adams and Jon Dwyer also got banged up, but their injuries aren’t presumed […]

An Advanced Statistical Look at Todd Haley’s Offenses

Most people have long ago done some sort of analysis of the Todd Haley hire, but here I’ll be looking at stats that are off the beaten path, so at the very least it’ll be a new perspective. The big thing to be noticed is that Haley hasn’t done a lot of playcalling relative to […]