The Past 10 Years of Steelers Draft Picks: 2002

Oh, 2002. When you think about it, it doesn’t seem all that long ago. But when you think about the season before that Kordell was the starting QB, Bettis is in the backfield, and Plax was the leading receiver of the team, you realize that it was longer ago than you thought. Man, I’m glad […]

The Past 10 Years of Steelers Draft Picks: 2001

The draft class of 2001 was definitely not disappointing. It was full of winners: Michael Vick, Koren Robinson, Fred Smoot, Travis Henry; you just didn’t know what kind you’d get. But then again, there were many amazing players that came out of that draft: LaDainian (Norm hates him though), Steve Hutchinson, Reggie Wayne, Drew Brees; […]

The Past 10 Years of Steelers Draft Picks: 1999

We told you earlier this week why we don’t do mock drafts. If you can’t remember, it’s because we sure as hell have no idea who’s going to be good and who isn’t. Even the Steelers don’t get every pick right, but they’ve done a lot better than we ever would. Or the Detroit Lions. […]

The Past 10 Years of Steelers Draft Picks: 2000

Starting a new century, the Steelers wanted an offensive boost. Well, they got one with Plax, but they also got a pain in the ass who likes to shot himself in the leg. Please join us as we review a draft class that was… well, you decide.   2000 1st Round, 8th pick: Plaxico Burress, […]

Super Bowl XLIII: Predictions

We’ve spent the past two weeks analyzing the key matchups for the Super Bowl, but now it’s business time. Here are your award-winning editors with their predictions. Any money lost due to the content of this post is your own fault, jagoff. Norm Johnson says: I hate predicting things. I’ve been around predictions all of […]

Game Fourteen: Steelers @ Ravens

I’m so glad I’m not old. Not like 30s or 40s old. Like at least 60 years old. I think I’d already have a few heart attacks under my belt this season with all the close games the Steelers are in. My voice is already sore after the games. Why can’t they just blow teams […]

Game Twelve: Steelers @ Patriots

You can talk all you want about Spygate and how the Patriots are cheaters, but the fact is, they’re good. Even without Brady they’re an offensive force. And their D is just as tough. Actually, I’m kidding. The Pats are just OK. Yeah, Cassel has had back to back 400 yard games and they’re 7-4 […]

Game Ten: Chargers @ Steelers

Both teams have something to prove today. The Chargers need to prove they are actually a playoff contender, and can turn their season around. The Steelers, well actually Ben Big, needs to prove he can step up in big games and stay on top of the AFC North. This game is going to be interesting […]

Game Eight: Steelers @ Redskins

Monday night football. Two of the best teams in the NFL. How could it get any better than this? It can’t. Don’t ask stupid questions. Before the game all they could talk about was how crappy the Steelers played again the NFC East. Good thing the Steelers had their ear muffs on before the game, […]

Game Six: Stees @ Bengals

Who Dey? Dey’s the Bengals that don’t look the same as they did in 2005. Dey’s 0-5 going into today’s game with their franchise QB on the bench from injury. Dey’s going to be in for a long season this year. The Steelers on the other hand, are 4-1 and ready to go from their […]

Game Five: Steelers @ Jaguars

NBC was hyping this game up as two “playoff rivals.” Just because they beat us last year on a joke play that should have been called for holding doesn’t mean the Stees and Jags are rivals. The two teams have a completely different looks with so many people injured. Maybe we should play them a […]

Game Three: Steelers @ Eagles

I hate the Eagles. I hate the Eagles more than any team in the league. I would rather lose by 30 in either of our first two games as long as we beat the Eagles by just as much. Seeing as how the Steelers played the first two games, it looked like they were going […]

Vegas Odds: Steelers vs. Eagles

So I decided to go to Vegas this weekend. And in between marrying a midget (excuse me, small person) and making it rain with Pac Man, I hit the casino to see what odds they have on this week’s Steelers and Eagles game. Here are some of the predictions. 1000:1 – The Philly fans actually […]