Game Five: Steelers @ Jaguars

NBC was hyping this game up as two “playoff rivals.” Just because they beat us last year on a joke play that should have been called for holding doesn’t mean the Stees and Jags are rivals. The two teams have a completely different looks with so many people injured. Maybe we should play them a […]

Game Four: Ravens @ Steelers

Reality check. I ain’t talking about some crappy show where people eat bugs. I’m talking about understanding your place. A few weeks ago the Steelers were 2-0 and everybody had them penciled in as the AFC’s finest. Then last week, Ben got violated and now the Steelers were in question. But nobody doubted that the […]

Game Three: Steelers @ Eagles

I hate the Eagles. I hate the Eagles more than any team in the league. I would rather lose by 30 in either of our first two games as long as we beat the Eagles by just as much. Seeing as how the Steelers played the first two games, it looked like they were going […]

Vegas Odds: Steelers vs. Eagles

So I decided to go to Vegas this weekend. And in between marrying a midget (excuse me, small person) and making it rain with Pac Man, I hit the casino to see what odds they have on this week’s Steelers and Eagles game. Here are some of the predictions. 1000:1 – The Philly fans actually […]

Game Two: Steelers @ Browns

I don’t wanna make this a sermon, but some nights you just have to sit back and think about how good we have it as Steeler fans. While I was sitting on the couch watching trash blow around Town Dump Stadium, I thanked the lucky stars that the Steelers weren’t stuck with some stooge at […]

Postgame Interview: Gus Frerotte

Since Gus was extremely busy trying to get ass before the game with the Steelers, I had to catch him after the game to get his thoughts on the game and other personal things. Being as he would only accept the interview in the shower, it got very personal.   Sorry this had to be […]

Pregame Interview: Marshawn Lynch

Before games, I’ve decided to have a pregame interview with one of the opposing players to see their outlook on the game, life, or anything in between. With this game, I had a quick interview with Marshawn Lynch, the Bills running back. But with his slang, constant ramblings, and just being a gangsta in general, […]

The Case for Anthony Smith

These days, it’s hard to be Anthony Smith. He made one somewhat -misguided comment last year that got sucked into the New England hype machine and now he’s probably the most hated Steeler. He certainly didn’t make things any easier on himself when he sucked it up down the stretch last year and did a […]

…and so it begins

Training camp is coming Sunday, in case you have been living in a (bat) cave. Limas is as excited as we are! We could spend a lot of time breaking down the position battles one by one, but nobody wants to read all of that. Predicting what the big stories of training camp will be […]

Oddsmaker: Steelers new owner

Let’s clear one thing up right off the bat: The Steelers are not going to move away from Pittsburgh. Repeat. The Steelers are going to stay in Pittsburgh. First off, it seems that even with the recent news that a few of the Rooney brothers want out, Dan Rooney will maintain control of the team […]