Gameday: Titans at Steelers

We’ve waited all summer to make this post. As excited as we are for this game, let’s game one thing straight: this contest has nothing to do with what the Titans did to the Terrible Towel last season. The Steelers won the Super Bowl that year. The Titans did not. As far as we’re concerned, […]

21 bold predictions for the 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers

So here we are. It doesn’t seem long ago that James Harrison was intercepting Kurt Warner at the goal line or Santonio Holmes pulled of a miraculous catch in the corner of the endzone. After the Super Bowl XLIII win and the Penguins subsequent run to Lord Stanley’s Cup, all we did was make fun […]

Steelers 21 Panthers 10: Here we come

Finally, the regular football season is days away. Unfortunately, there is one more preseason game in the way that is even more boring than the other ones. This is the final preseason game, so you rarely get to see any starters on the field, so it’s more like watching a JV game.   It’s the time […]

Isaac Redman, Carey Davis among final cuts

Per PG: Running backs Carey Davis and rookie Isaac Redman, linebacker Bruce Davis and veteran cornerback Anthony Madison were among the players cut today by Coach Mike Tomlin as the Steelers began reducing their roster to the 53-man limit. Read more: There aren’t any *real* surprises here. I’m sure some are surprised that Frank Summers […]

Introducting: Blitzburgh Blog fantasy football

One of the best parts about being a part of Bloguin is getting to work with other blogs in the network and our developers. We’re proud to announce just one of many cool features that you’ll see on the site today…fantasy football. Details are below, but here’s how and why you’ll want to join. 1. […]

All AFC North preseason team

Numerous media outlets and blogs have been publishing their picks for the best of the AFC North so we figured we’d throw our list into the mix. Here’s a few things to keep in mind as you read over the list: We went with a 3-4 defense since that’s what the Steelers play. We made […]

Steelers 17 Bills 0: Still fly

While we were watching the first half of this game, it was obvious which team was the reigning Super Bowl champions and which one wasn’t. It’s been a while since I’ve watched a football game and seen one team complete outclass the other, but that’s what I saw tonight. The Steelers defense ate Dick Jauron’s […]

Week three of preseason crucial to Steelers

I’m not a coach and I don’t even pretend to be one online. But I’m pretty confident that Mike Tomlin and his staff are penciling in tonight’s game against Buffalo as the most important matchup of the preseason. Obviously, the starters are actually going to get the majority of the playing time and this is […]

Is Rashard Mendenhall going to be a bust?

I can’t get that question out of my mind. It feels completely unfair to even throw out the term “bust” when a guy has only had 19 carries in the NFL. It goes against everything I typically stand for when it comes to evaluating players. But Rashard Mendenhall hasn’t once looked anything other than a […]

Steelers 13 Redskins 17: Oh well

Steelers 13 Redskins 17               When I think of Steelers vs. Redskins, I think of last year when Byron came in to save the game when Ben went down. After that, many people called for Ben’s head and that Byron should be the new starter. Of course that didn’t happen, and both teams went […]

On Isaac Redman

Much has been written and said about rookie running back Isaac Redman, who scored both TDs in the Steelers first preseason game and recently dominated a goal line drill in practice. So who is Isaac Redman? We spent the offseason dreaming about Rashard Mendenhall and Frank Summers plowing over tacklers into the end zone, not […]

Steelers 20 Cardinals 10: Still on top

Steelers 20 Cardinals 10 Getting excited over a player’s performance in a preseason game is the definition of “carried away.” In a lot of ways, a preseason NFL game isn’t even football. The playcalling is different, the coaching is different, and obviously, the players are different. That said, it was damn good to watch the […]

Charlie Batch and Dennis Dixon scare me

For the first season in a long time, the thought of a serious injury to Ben Roethlisberger has me sweating bullets. Roethlisberger has always been prone to injuries, but thankfully the Steelers have had somebody ready behind Ben who could step up and do the job. In 2006, it was Batch who came in and […]

It’s not really just a game

E:60 is the one show on ESPN where the World Wide Leader actually does the heavy lifting and delivers some real journalism. Tonight they showed a story on Steeler fan Bob Zinski and it was one of the most inspiring and well-done media pieces I’ve seen in a long time. Zinski was diagnosed with terminal […]